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revival of the DOBROHOLICS

Ruth Iseli
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revival of the DOBROHOLICS

Message  Ruth Iseli le Jeu 13 Oct - 16:25

chers amis francais,
excusez-moi de continuer en anglais: je veux entrainer mon francais ici mais ca, c'est trop compliquer a raconter en francais pour moi:
last fall, after a Reso workshop with Jimmy Heffernan in Munich, one of the participiants founded a Group called "Dobroholics" We started actually with the class from the workshop and added our friends. We were organized via a mailinglist.
The beginning was very familiar: beginner-me could ask all my questions and got answers and it was not so public like a forum where I did not dare ask all my "silly" questions......
Most prominent member was probably Martin Gross who really helped me a lot!
As a result of this group he organized a gathering, here's a impression from that weekend:
when you scroll down you can listen to some impressions of the worcshop we had...
As the group got to big for a mailinglist, we all joined the newborn german steel forum - and feel asleep!

Now , 2 weeks ago the workshop with Jimmy in Munich took place again. As result, the group "DOBROHOLICS" was re-founded - as a Facebook Group.
You may think what you want concerning Face Book - now for a group it's a great tool to have contact, share infos... whatever. The group grew so far up to 38 internationl members.
Why do I tell this? Maybe some of you want to join too? It is a open group, I guess you will find it be searching for "Dobroholics" or by getting my friend. (Ruth Iseli, there are seceral, I am the one with the Dobro)
This is of course not a competition to this Forum but a addition

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