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Playing instrumentals with live-band or backing track.

Mummenhoff Marc

Messages : 101
Date d'inscription : 17/08/2009
Age : 58
Localisation : Belgium

Playing instrumentals with live-band or backing track.

Message  Mummenhoff Marc le Sam 19 Déc - 22:26

I play, like many steelers do, a lot of instrumentals with a backing track at home.
It is a good learning proces i think, for learning the song.
But what a difference it is when you play the same song with other live people!
You can easly play the song over and over - the back track is always the same, and you'll find that you play not too many mistakes with a backing track once you know the song.
I play the last years jazz on my steel with other jazz-players.
(drums-bass-piano-guitar-vocals). Sometimes heavy improvising.
That was the ultimate goal for me. you can play all the standards jazz-songs on your steel over and over at home, always with the same backtrack.
But it's another ballgame, if you play the same songs live with a band.
In one year playing jazz live- i should go for the same learning progress at home- doing it at least five years. You learn a lot playing in a live band.
It's always another ear-progress with a live-band - sometime you hear the drums very loud- than less - more guitar - less bass - etc. Always a different angel.
I tried to play instrumentals, always with a live band if possible.
The other way, with backtrack is more or less 'cheating and more easy playing for yourself. With a live band it's more fun and challenge.
And for the country music - what can i say about all those singers with backtrack?
I think you know my drift. Backtracks - especially fot singers are--------?
(easy money?)
That's my discussion point.
Bernard Glorian
Grand Sage

Messages : 1093
Date d'inscription : 17/07/2009
Age : 71
Localisation : ARDENNES

Re: Playing instrumentals with live-band or backing track.

Message  Bernard Glorian le Mer 23 Déc - 22:55

Agree with you, Marc !

I played Jamsessions (jazz standards and bossa style) on Guitar with some friends each sunday, 15 years ago in a "café-brasserie"(pub near Couvin-Philippeville) and musicians came from Brussels, Mons,etc..just for pleasure.
the owner of "café Live Music" was good musician too = important !! he was the bass player. One day, he changed of work...

For years, we have not place to meet again for jamsessions.
sure the Live band is a great experience more than backing tracks ! but now how can we do ? no place and such quality musicians is not easy to bring together ...and to find a "normal" owner of café, not only motivated by self-interest, you mean ? great distances, alcohol controls are also in mind, now !

If the band don't sound good enough, same real pleasure to work with.

in such a case , the B.T. could be THE solution..
temporarily that's my choice, Marc, after last several negative experiences, in Country bands : 1st permament bad sound settings No,then...2nd : a drummer without memory !cyclops
and for jazz style, (see above)..
So now, I choose my B.T. according to quality sound, energy and also big band jazz backings T. when they are great to listen to. But agree with you, it's always the same !
from details above, how can we change that facts ? scratch

friendship, Marc and hold on in Jazz style !! Very Happy

Mummenhoff Marc

Messages : 101
Date d'inscription : 17/08/2009
Age : 58
Localisation : Belgium

Re: Playing instrumentals with live-band or backing track.

Message  Mummenhoff Marc le Ven 25 Déc - 11:32

Hi Bernard
I think you had to have luck for finding the right people to play with.
And always searching for them.
I got the oppurtunity to find people that play jazz, and they are all jazz-conservatorium guys.
So they have a great knowledge of music.
To play with them is a dream come true.
Also we got lucky to sign a contract for playing every weekend possible to play in a jazz-cafe taverne. And for the moment we have a few gigs for 2010 in other places.
But i always loved to play country music also. I like the music, but i don't like the places and people who come to live country music.
But never the less i always like country music, same as jazz ofcourse.
What i mean with playing with backtrack is not to be meant as denegrated. no way.
But i find myself very easy playing with backtrack - real relaxed.
But when playing the same song with other people, even when they are very good,
It's more challenge and difficult, because, ofcourse the backtrack is now totally different as you learned to play it at home.
But hey i do it a lot at home, playing with backtracks, just for fun and learning.
Also i never stopped playing country instrumentals, with backtracks.
A happy new musical year for every steeler.
Fred Mabrut
Chef de l'apéro

Messages : 959
Date d'inscription : 17/07/2009
Age : 55
Localisation : Puy de Dôme

Re: Playing instrumentals with live-band or backing track.

Message  Fred Mabrut le Ven 25 Déc - 22:14


I think what you trying to explain is the same with every kind of music. With real people everything can happens at any time and that's what makes live music "live music".
Backing tracks are a very good mean to rehearse at home and feel at ease when you play for real on stage, because you can try and try a lot of things (good and not so good)a thousand times without boring to death your fellow players.

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Re: Playing instrumentals with live-band or backing track.

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