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Tone is in the hands?????

Mummenhoff Marc

Messages : 101
Date d'inscription : 17/08/2009
Age : 58
Localisation : Belgium

Tone is in the hands?????

Message  Mummenhoff Marc le Ven 11 Avr - 10:23

Tone is in the hands? Well yes, a good player sounds good on any amp, but is he happy when played on a bad amp?
My best amp was a peavey session 500 and for me it had the best sound.
It can be a huge different when played on a bad amp or a good one.
A good amp sounds better!
If you give a bad amp to a proffesional steelplayer he will not be happy and he will not have the tone he wants.
He will, to us, sounds good on that bad amp, but he will sure sounds better on a good amp.
If you see professional steelplayers on you tube, you can see that they are always searching for the right sound, even between numbers etc.
Most steelplayers are addicted to all kind of technical equipment. Some have practically a whole studio on stage :-)
So if tone is in the hands why are they so addicted to their gear?
We are always in search for a better sound, so are we 'material guys' ??? LOL
Tone is in the hands = YES
Good equipment is also very importent to get the tone you like.
That's just my humble opinion.
Patrick Laffrat
Grand Sage

Messages : 1102
Date d'inscription : 17/07/2009
Localisation : Gémenos

Re: Tone is in the hands?????

Message  Patrick Laffrat le Ven 11 Avr - 20:01

OK Marc: good hands (+ good parametric equaliser + good effects + good loud speaker) = good sound  Very Happy

Messages : 507
Date d'inscription : 18/07/2009
Age : 65
Localisation : CHARTRES 28000

Re: Tone is in the hands?????

Message  CLEMENT CANTIN le Sam 12 Avr - 8:35

The question is : What is a good sound, a good tone ? The one you love to hear today? The one that the audiance is expecting to hear ?The one that is ok for the syle you are playing now, the room you are playing where ?
Is somebody able to asnwer? I'm not ! Cause, my ears, my heart, and maybe my fingers are not the same every day.
Some of us are enjoing preamps, heavy multi-effects racks, some are enjoying very light material with just an internal amp reverb. All is pleasure....

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Re: Tone is in the hands?????

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