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How many times checking the tuning of the pedalrods?

Mummenhoff Marc

Messages : 101
Date d'inscription : 17/08/2009
Age : 58
Localisation : Belgium

How many times checking the tuning of the pedalrods?

Message  Mummenhoff Marc le Ven 21 Aoû - 17:36

How many times does people checking out the tuning of the pedalrods?
i've checked once a year and seems to be OK?
Not too many different after a year?
Is it normal to say that the pedals (once cecked) always stay in tune?
When using always the same string thickness ofcourse.
I know people that never checked the pedals?
Is that realistic?
Bernard Glorian
Grand Sage

Messages : 1095
Date d'inscription : 17/07/2009
Age : 71
Localisation : ARDENNES

Re: How many times checking the tuning of the pedalrods?

Message  Bernard Glorian le Lun 24 Aoû - 10:22

Good question, MARC..

On my PSG , they seem stayin' in tune. I check the basic screws when I put it in his case and when I take it off too after driving. A good advice given by Peter Johannisse...

I verify the tuning when I start a little training at home but no main problem with the rods.

Fred Mabrut
Chef de l'apéro

Messages : 959
Date d'inscription : 17/07/2009
Age : 55
Localisation : Puy de Dôme

Re: How many times checking the tuning of the pedalrods?

Message  Fred Mabrut le Mar 25 Aoû - 16:55

As you say Marc, pedals stay in tune on a good guitar assuming you always use the same string gauge. Nevertheless, there may be a slight difference after string replacement due to subtle changes in each string.

Mat Davallet

Messages : 501
Date d'inscription : 17/07/2009
Age : 44
Localisation : Brem sur mer (85)

Re: How many times checking the tuning of the pedalrods?

Message  Mat Davallet le Mer 26 Aoû - 7:51

Hello Marc

For my Sho-Bud, pedals and knee are going out of tune a little bit and i must check for that often (big cabinet drop, wood neck may be the case of it on my guitar). Never forget that for Bernard and Fred's guitars, the first one is a new one and the second is a...FRANKLIN (fucking bastard !!).
Your Changer must be clean and well lubricate for a good return of your pedals and knee and stable tunning. (important !! no lubricant on your tuning nut when you wash the changer...)
For the string gauge it depend on wich string you change (and the value too) !! So, fred is right, when you find a good gauge for your strings, keep it !!.

Schild SD10 4+5 /Nash 400/lemay mod/ Emminence neo speaker/ Brad Sarno "tonic preamp"/Strymon bluesky/Telonics volume/Tonealigner pickup /

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Re: How many times checking the tuning of the pedalrods?

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